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Voice Broadcast Notification Easy To Use ..
  • Dial In or WEB Portal or DeskTop Application
  • Select or Create Your List
  • Record or Select Pre-Recorded Message or Create Text To Speech
  • Track your Broadcast

Developer , Offer Voice Contact In Your Software - API Integration
  • Uses
    • Eliminate Phone Trees
    • Notify Residents of Community Events and Alerts
    • Alert Staff / Students / Parents / Groups
    • Contact Customers with targeted info, payment, appointment reminders
  • Adaptable and Scalable
    • SIP / VOIP / or Traditional Phone Circuits
    • Scalable from 8 to 1,600+ Calls Per Minute
    • Text to Speech functionality
    • Integrates with Campus Call Box / Emergency Wireless AutoAnswer Devices
  • Integration
    • with existing internal Phone System (PBX)
    • with existing Data Storage / Access System (SQL / DataBase)
    • Custom Interfaces Available
    • Automate customer / client / member notificatiion
    • Integrates with our Sister Site to provide remote list creation , Opt-In and Opt-Out
  • Scheduling and Reporting Features
    • Multiple campaigns / jobs run at the same time
    • Detailed Scheduling / for selected times on selected days of week / start at future time and date.
    • Automatic Re- Prioritization of jobs , higher priority calls processed first (ex. 911-Emergency)
    • Time Zone Aware / Non Emergency calls are restricted to 9am - 9pm of called number automatically
    • Capable of XML Protocol / Send Campaign / Job to Hosted Service for Call Process / No phone lines needed

Text To Speech Human Sounding Voice Conversion lets you type in your message and have it delivered. No microphone needed.

Reporting Detailed reporting shows you the status of your campaigns. How many and which numbers were completed , Busy , No Answer , etc.

Import / Export Tools Data tools that allow you to import lists and export results via the system using industry standard CSV format.

WEB Interface Custom WEB Sign Up Sheets allow people to signup for your broadcast lists. WEB Portal also allows you to Submit broadcasts via a WEB browser.

Detailed Scheduling Run a Broadcast Job during certain hours of certain days

Prioritization of Broadcasts Very unique feature allows you to have low priority marketing or contact broadcasts running and if a High Priority event happens, have that broadcast job pre-empt existing dials.

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